SWISS Logbook

The app creates a flight book for every destination that you book. This contains valuable tips from our travel guide: city portrait, hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs and interesting sights. The Crew Tips contain insider knowledge from our well-travelled team members.
All flight books are filed in the app and the places you visit marked on a world map. Frequent flyers can collect medals after visiting destinations several times. The app also contains all important information about your flights – ranging from baggage allowances to meals served on board.
The SWISS Logbook is available for iPhone and iPad.

Lufthansa apps

All you need: in one swipe of your finger.
Experience a new kind of travel with the Lufthansa apps. Whether you want to search and book flights, check in on the go, save your boarding passes or access information relating to your flight – the apps provide comprehensive services that you can use conveniently via your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch. In addition, new features are always being added which make travelling with Lufthansa as simple and enjoyable as possible. Enjoy a completely relaxed flight experience entirely in keeping with our slogan: “Rethinking air travel”.
Download now for smartphone or tablet

Lufthansa Lounges

They make waiting so much nicer at all major national and international airports – comfort is turned into an experience in Lufthansa lounges. Our lounge directory will tell you all about the services offered in our lounges at each individual airport worldwide. It will also give you information about their opening times as well as their exact location in the airport.
You can use the lounges in conjunction with a flight operated by Lufthansa.

Edelweiss – Films, music and games provide variety and entertainment

Entertainment on board

You’ll find that time flies when you fly with us. Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and the others will see to that: film stars and starlets in over 140 films and TV programmes will have you laughing, dreaming or gripping the edge of your seat. Classic films, TV series or children’s films, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. And if you’d rather sink into a world of music, we have 270 CDs and play lists for you to choose from. We’re sure you’ll find your favourites among them. And if you feel like playing some games, we can offer you Tetris or multi-player 3D games. We hope you have an entertaining journey!

SAA – Airbus A330-300 Your Premium Flying Experience Redefined.

We welcome the newest additions to our fleet … our A330-300 aircraft. The fleet’s comfortable interiors, warm colours and relaxed atmosphere will make you feel right at home during your journey.
For our Business Class customers we offer a new design of flat-bed that’s almost 2 metres long when fully extended. With an updated cabin layout, each of these seats has increased privacy, individual aisle access and offer even more personal stowage. Enjoy the added comfort and increased privacy provided by our innovative, luxurious new cabin.
Economy Class is fitted with 203 newly designed, slim-line seats, all with extra personal space and generous legroom for travelling comfort. Each seat is fitted with a 10.1-inch screen, individual USB charging ports, and access to shared PC power points.
Boredom will not be an option on an SAA A330-300 flight thanks to our state-of-the-art on-demand inflight entertainment system. Each Business Class seat is fitted with a 15-inch screen, whilst each Economy Class seat has its own 10-inch screen. These high-tech touchscreens are fun and easy to use, giving you access to many hours of entertainment. You’ll be spoilt for choice with over 100 movies to enjoy – from the latest blockbusters to old favourites and a wide selection of African and Asian titles. You can also access up to 100 TV features, including the latest full-season series, comedy shows and fun kids’ programming.
Children will be spoilt for choice with a special kids’ programme section. In addition, we have also added a family-friendly feature, whereby parents can ask a flight attendant to limit movies for a certain seat to kiddies’ view (movies for toddlers with no age restriction), or teen view (PG and PG13 movies and programmes).